An homage to Haute Perfumery


Haute Perfumery emboldened. This is the road paved by Thierry Mugler. The visionary designer creates exceptional fragrances using the finest natural and innovative materials, often extremely rare. They are bold scents full of character – original combinations that are instantly recognizable and always unforgettable.
Their secret?

Restrained, balanced combinations built around two to three overdosed accords. It is utter harmony and pure magic.

A Mugler original

Haute Perfumery goes high-tech

Womanity was created using a molecular extraction process, an innovative method allowing new raw materials to be developed from an endless variety of ingredients.

Loyalty The method identically replicates the olfactory explosion of the extracted product, whether natural or manufactured, when smelled.

Alchemy The ingredient is then fragmented and placed in an extraction tube, before coming into contact with an invisible odorless gas. Unheated, this gas becomes charged with scent molecules from the product to be extracted prior to transformation into liquid. The result is a pure extract.

The role of man The perfumer analyzes the obtained concentrate with a spectrogram to formulate the ingredient's "olfactory genetic code" and recreate it to the precise molecule. The perfumer’s craft in perfect harmony with the ingredients.

Perfumes of Curiosity

Where art meets science. For more than 20 years, creation has come from experimentation at the House of Thierry Mugler. The proof lies in its uniquely combined, exceptionally bottled perfumes, the fruits of singular encounters between a vision and artistic expertise. Three collections currently exist:

A dual innovation.

Smelling and tasting a fragrance, destructuring it in order to best showcase it, giving it a new dimension without distorting it: « Taste of Fragrance » offers an intoxicating diversion of fragrances. It is a feat that requires incredible attention to detail - a marriage of expertise and creativity.

A specializedprocess

To create an exceptional perfume, special expertise is necessary. «Taste of Fragrance» required expanding the palette of olfactory raw materials by creating «taste enhancers.» The result: superbly concocted gourmet notes that reinvent fragrances while respecting them, giving them such an appetizing facet they become almost mouth-watering... Haute Perfumery meets Haute Cuisine.

  • Amen
  • Alien
  • Angel
  • Womanity

Haute Perfumery

Thierry Mugler experiments, perfects, innovates and surprises. His leather fragrances reflect this. They are a vision born from the tradition of «glover-perfumers» who, up until the 18th century, used heady fragrances to mask the strong odor of freshly tanned leather. This led to an idea for a new maturation process.

A journey to the heart of the material

« The Fragrances of Leather» reinvent Thierry Mugler's four great fragrances with leather as their guide.

A hand-stitched process

New «leather» notes. A natural and yet ingenious process. Four tailor-made steel vats bring the essences of the original Thierry Mugler fragrances into contact with leather. Four weeks of maturation bring the perfumes into perfect balance. Finally, these «leather» concentrates are blended with the «classic» ones. Here, all the traditions of French craftsmanship and the expertise of perfumers work in perfect harmony with innovation.

Signature bottles

The Fragrances of Leather captivate and their bottles do the same. For the women's fragrance, the bottle features a unique, original design made from faceted glass, a silver claw and reflected light effects. The men's fragrance bottle is encased in leather-like rubber and adorned with a symbolic brown-hued star. Each leaves its mark, reflecting technique and amazing prowess.


Fragrance «vintages»

Thierry Mugler's greatest perfumes are matured in wood barrels to develop new aromas. The concept behind Liqueurs de Parfum was inspired by spirit-making methods. Several creations have resulted from a single vision: 2007 was the year of Angel, La Part des Anges. The year 2009 saw the first Liqueurs de Parfum collection for Angel, Alien and A*Men. In 2013, new «vintages» of Liqueurs de Parfums will be introduced for four legendary Thierry Mugler fragrances, accompanied by cocktail pairings created by Thierry Hernandez, Director of Le Bar du Plaza Athénée, Paris. A wealth of new experiences...

Special expertise

The process of pairing a Thierry Mugler eau de parfum or eau de toilette with a type of wood required much reflection. Cooper Seguin Moreau provided all of his expertise in selecting the tree essence, but it didn't end there: for the Liqueurs de Parfum 2013 Creations, the supplier of the largest wine houses in the world assisted Thierry Mugler in selecting «toasted» wooden barrels. Heated by traditional methods, the contents of the barrels thus reveal liqueur and toasted aromas, as well as candied fruit notes.

A*Men pure malt

The Liqueur de Parfum for A*Men was inspired by the maturation process used to make prestigious whiskeys. Aged in toasted oak casks, it takes on smoky, sophisticated notes with slightly mossy amber facets. A fragrance of rare scope and elegance.

Amen Pure Havane

Alien liqueur
de parfum

This version of Alien, inspired by the maturation process used to make the finest rums, is aged in toasted oak casks. It reveals intoxicating woody and amber notes with subtle almond aromas. A compelling olfactory creation.

Alien liqueur de parfum

The 2013collection

Angel liqueur de parfum

Angel liqueur de parfum

The traditional techniques of producing fine cognac inspired this mouth-watering version of Angel. Aged in a cherry wood barrel and toasted for six weeks, this perfume reveals smoky notes and gourmand accents of fruits, honey and amber...A new form of opulence and sensuality.

Amen Pure Havane

Womanity liqueur
de parfum

Womanity has been given a new identity by drawing inspiration from the methods of making exceptional vodkas. This Liqueur de Parfum is aged in toasted oak casks for six weeks to develop aromas of dried fruit and intense woody notes with delicate spicy character. It reveals a more sensual, even racier facet...


Fine glass-making

The expertise to showcase a fragrance. This is the link between fine glass-making and Haute Perfumery and Thierry Mugler carefully ensures this is the case. The proof lies in the first bottle he designed for Angel perfume: a sparkling faceted star, narrow at the base and wide at the top. 320 grams of molten glass are poured into a rotating mold that a blower turns by hand, letting just the right amount of air inside. A guarantee that each bottle produced by Verreries Brosse is unique.

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