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10 facts you may not know about Alien
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10 facts you may not know about Alien

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  1. 10 years

    Created in 2005 by Mr. Mugler, Alien Eau de Parfum is celebrating
    its 10-year anniversary this year. For the last decade, the fragrance has embodied
    "the power of a Solar Goddess, who radiates, fascinates
    and asserts herself through her benevolence within a society in search of spirituality and new values," according to its creator.

  2. Four flagship creations

    The Alien collection includes four flagship products
    Alien Eau de Parfum (2005), Alien Eau de Toilette (2008), Alien Essence Absolue (2012), and Alien Eau Extraordinaire (2014), to which equally brilliant flankers have been added, such as Alien Oud Majestueux (2015), as well as bath and body products enriched with pure gold sparkles.

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  3. Two types of jasmine

    Two types of jasmine caught the attention of perfumers: grandiflorum,
    with fruity, herbaceous notes, and sambac with its green, sensual and honeyed notes,
    tinted by aromas of orange blossom... It was this 100% solar,
    variety that was chosen for use in Alien fragrances. More specifically, its absolute.

    in Southern India, in the appropriate season, women dressed in saris rise at dawn to pick sambac jasmine buds carefully with their fingertips, from which its precious concentrate is extracted in the same moment. Freshness is thus guaranteed.

  4. An exceptional ingredient

    Eight million sambac jasmine flowers are required to create one kilogram of its concentrated oil. It is one of the most highly sought-after absolutes in the world...

  5. Jewel-like bottles

    Each talisman-like Alien bottle draws its strength from a precious gemstone :

  6. A benevolent

    The radiation and vibrations of this gemstone are said to reduce stress and tension, as well as promote meditation. It is therefore a symbol of serenity and balance. All of this has contributed to it being the inspiration
    for the Alien Eau de Parfum bottle.

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  7. One bottle, 11 steps

    From the blending of raw materials
    to their smelting in the furnace;
    to the formation of a drop of glass
    and its distribution into the mold,
    the installation of the bottle's base,
    the first blowing, turning,
    and second blowing;
    the smoothing process using flames
    to its final firing
    and cooling fewer than 11 steps are required to create an Alien Eau de Parfum bottle.

  8. Red, a point of challenge

    The color red (therefore purple) is difficult to create in glass-making. But it is not impossible... After much research into how to create this shade, a perfectly homogeneous color was ultimately created, that of amethyst.

  9. An eternal fragrance

    Alien bottles, considered to be permanent creations, are refillable thanks to the line's eco-refills, as well as the Thierry Mugler Source for Eau de Parfum fragrances. Along with other Mugler fragrances, eternity can be achieved through one simple gesture.

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  10. A luminous campaign

    A solar goddess charged with positive, generous energy is featured in the spotlight. To embody this vision, Thierry Mugler's concept of divinity radiates, literally. The white and gold dress she wears is illuminated from the inside thanks to the LED lights and optical fibers that structure it. It was a first, a feat of technical prowess.
    Simply magical.

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