The Source

A star joins forces with the Earth

Boldness and tradition

Since 1992, The Source has reinvented the tradition of perfume fountains born in the 18th century. Exquisite perfume bottles from major perfume houses, often designed by famous Crystal Engravers, were refilled as desired with their original fragrance. It was a special service for a select circle that showed respect for the splendor of the bottles. This was true luxury.
Queen Marie-Antoinette even had her own personal perfume fountain. Loyal Mugler customers can now enjoy The Source to mirror this magical experience.


The eternal bottle

The Source, an avant-garde creation, allows customers to have their precious bottles refilled directly in stores with one of four legendary Thierry Mugler women's fragrances (which are 100% true to the original): Angel Eau de Parfum and Eau de Toilette, Alien Eau de Parfum and Womanity Eau de Parfum.
Going beyond being an eco-responsible approach, the refilling process has also provided the world with a new vision of luxury and service. This moment of eternity is further magnified by advisors' personalized tips, the attention they pay to customers and the care they give to the bottles. After this special moment, bottles are polished to perfection.

Throughout the world

Luxury done differently

The Source and eco-refills restore the value and preciousness of Mugler perfume bottles. Refillable, eternally beautiful... You will never want to be apart from them again. This "à la Mugler" moment of re-enchantment brings to mind other endeavors: the creation of Womanity, the first responsible fragrance, and the support for the vast biodiversity protection project by the collective Pur Projet in the north of Peru. This is how the brand is committed to helping the planet. With it, a new type of luxury is born: responsible luxury.

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* Calculated by Clarins Fragrance Group based on 2011 sales figures, taking into account the opening days and hours of retail locations.

one Thierry Mugler refill (Angel & Alien)

is performed every 7 seconds*

2,300,000 bottles and cases
are saved each year

383 tons of waste
are spared each year

The customer, at the heart of the ritual

You entrust your jewel-like bottles to the advisor, who refills them.
Your precious bottle is then given new life before your eyes: the bottle begins to shine as it did when it was first created.
Save money while also taking part in responsible practice.

This is your beloved Source.

The art of refilling

Fuel the imagination, respect the environment, be attentive: The ritual of refilling bottles is gracious and precise. In stores, the customer watches as the advisor places it under the tapered cartridge, thus protecting the fragrance from air and light, and then turns the locking ring into place. Not a drop of the refill is lost, and the ritual is performed in complete silence.

A new way to experience luxury and save the planet in one simple step.

Eco-refills, eternity at your fingertips

Continue the refilling experience at home. A dream come true. With eco-refills for Angel, Alien, Womanity and A*Men availble online, customers can refill their Thierry Mugler perfume bottles at home.

The Source
La Source

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