The brand

Created in 1973 by the free-spirited and visionary artist Thierry Mugler, the MUGLER brand quickly stood out as different, daring, and a touch provocative. 1992 saw the launch of Angel, the first “gourmand” fragrance in the history of perfumery and the first Mugler feminine perfume, which confirmed the brand’s prolific innovative creativity. Its collaboration with the Clarins Group provided Thierry Mugler with the means to develop its olfactory ambitions and launch the Angel, thereby shaking up the world of perfumery with this breakaway fragrance, never before seen nor smelt.

Thierry Mugler HP Brand Angel

Today, Mugler continues to dress and perfume women in search of distinctive creations with a strong personality. Mugler’s iconic Fashion and Fragrances share the same brand vision, thereby cementing the brand’s identity and propelling it into the future to pursue its extraordinary mission: make women dream, stir trouble and trigger addictions. Mugler, trouble maker, sculptor of fantasies.