Since 1974, MUGLER has shaped sensual and truly feminine Hollywood figures, brought to life by powerful and unique women. Le Mag invites you to discover up close the faces and private lives of these glamorous celebrities.

For this new episode, the spotlight shines on an era, an attitude, a beauty and an icon. She embodies all of these by herself. Le Mag returns to the incredible history of Jerry Hall, the perfect definition of an Angel woman.

« Always choose what makes you happy »

Jerry Hall has carefully applied this credo throughout her life. Making the most of the opportunities given to her without hesitation. At the age of 16, she left the suburbs of Dallas for the Côte d’Azur on a whim, thanks to the insurance money she received after her car was hit in an accident. She was then spotted by a modeling agency while on holiday in Saint-Tropez. She moved to Paris to follow her American dream, sharing her first apartment with the model Grace Jones – future muse of the artist Jean-Paul Goude – and the actress Jessica Lange, who was awarded the Oscar for Best Supporting Actress in 1983 for her role in Tootsie. In the mid-1970s, Paris was bursting with life.

Her appearance on the cover of Roxy Music’s album Sirenin 1975 brought her international fame as a model. Instantly recognizable by her never-ending blond hair and 6 ft stature, she featured on more than 40 of the most prestigious magazines at the time, enjoyed the vibrant years of La Palace theater in Paris and met Mick Jagger, the world-famous rock star and lead singer of the Rolling Stones. The pair were in a relationship for almost 20 years and had 4 children together.

Jerry Hall is above all a captivating woman. Captivating because she has never cared what anyone else says and didn’t hesitate to take a bath in champagne after her first paycheck. Captivating because she waited 10 years before accepting Mick Jagger’s marriage proposal. Captivating because her femininity is synonymous with glamour and independence.

It's extremely inspiring, someone who is free, brave, bold and generous with her beauty. Jerry Hall is extraordinary. She has never cared whether it was fashionable to be in a mood, whether it was grunge or not, whether it was glamorous fashion or not, or whether it was the music we were supposed to listen to... She's very kind, she used to do a show for the manageress of a small motel whenever we were shooting in the depths of New Mexico, she would pose with the local fireman. “Yes I’m beautiful and I’m sharing it around." Monsieur Mugler

From an initial business meeting, the collaborations between Monsieur Mugler and Jerry Hall have flourished, from Ready-to-Wear and Haute-Couture shows to numerous photo shoots. It’s the story of a friendship that developed over the years until 1995 with the worldwide fame of Angel.

« Beware of angels : good ones, bad ones »

At the first light of dawn, lying in the middle of the White Sands dessert, Jerry Hall posed in front of Monsieur Mugler in a sparkling sheath dress with silver sequins from the first Haute Couture collection (Ritz, Fall-Winter 1992-1993). As Jerry Hall turned 39 she embodied the Angel woman in the Maison's first international advertisement. “Angel is a fragrance of contrast,” says perfumer Oliver Cresp, “it continually surprises, between warm and cold.” Like an angel stranded in the middle of the desert, between glacier blue and incandescent femininity, the photography flawlessly enhanced the Maison’s first fragrance.

This was soon followed by a worldwide promotional tour worthy of the greatest movie stars. Angel matches the personality of Jerry Hall who shares a taste for the extravagant and spectacular with its creator.“Thierry loves women,” says Jerry Hall, “only true love can capture this glamorous Hollywood image and enhance it in a garment and perfume.”

As a sign of affection and loyalty through the generations, MUGLER has chosen her youngest daughter, Georgia May Jagger, to become the Angel heroine twenty years later. Stay tuned for more.

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