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Is Thierry Mugler personally involved in the creation of his perfumes?

All MUGLER perfumes, ancillaries and accessories are initially inspired by the creator himself. He provides the creative impulse, then follows up on each project, giving each creation his easily recognizable style and absolute desire for perfection.

What is the difference between an Eau de Toilette, an Eau de Cologne and an Eau de Parfum?

They all contain a concentrate of perfume, with alcohol and water. The different terms correspond to the quantity of perfume in the concentrate as a percentage, as follows: 16% to 25% for "Parfum"; 11 to 15% for an "Eau de Parfum"; 6% to 10% for an "Eau de Toilette"; and 3% to 4% for an "Eau de Cologne."

Is MUGLER Cologne for men or women?

MUGLER Cologne is a universal fragrance that can be used by both men and women. It is inspired from the original colognes dating to the 14th century, which were known for their miraculous virtues.

Why is there a pump and a 'splasher' in all the MUGLER Cologne bottles?

Two different applications are offered for using MUGLER Cologne. The splash version is an invitation to generous use, by rubbing it across the entire body. It awakens both senses and sensuality, and offers the ultimate sensation of freshness. The spray version is more classical and is an invitation to spray MUGLER Cologne over the entire body, for a lasting sensation of freshness and well-being.

Does MUGLER Cologne stand up well on the skin?

The raw materials used in the composition of MUGLER Cologne play an essential role in the olfactory durability of this creation. Its concentration (10 degrees as opposed to the traditional 5 degrees in a classic Eau de Cologne) also adds to its exceptional presence. The result is a persistent accord, a harmonious balance between freshness and energy, as well as a sensation of cleanliness and sensuality.

Are your products tested on animals?

Our laboratories conduct no tests on animals. Our products are tested, under dermatological supervision, only on human volunteers.

How can I spot fake MUGLER perfume?

There are many ways to help you determine whether your product is genuine. This page on the MUGLER website shows you a number of ways you can determine whether a product is authentic or not. But the best way to ensure you only receive genuine MUGLER products is to:

  • - Purchase at one of our authorised retailers. Click here to visit our store locator and find your closest store.

How do I know if my bottle is refillable?

The word "Refillable" appears on your bottle if it is refillable. It's also mentioned online in the description of the fragrance. Angel, Angel Muse, Alien, Amen, Womanity and Aura are refillable.

How can I refill my refillable bottle?

There are three ways to refill your bottle. You can do it at The MUGLER Fountain, which can be found in select stores stocking our products. Our Store Locator can help you find the stores who offer the Fountain refill service. Finally, you can use our Angel, Angel Muse, Alien, Amen and Aura eco-refills. Our simple, reusable eco-refill bottles allow you to refill your bottle yourself at home. Use our Store Locator to find the stores where the products are available.

I refilled my bottle at a Source, and the perfume now seems different. Is this normal?

The Fountain and the bottles contain exactly the same fragrances. They are filled from the same production units and undergo the same olfactory quality control. However, if your perception of the perfume has changed slightly, this may be due to several factors, such as the method of application (the olfactory effect of perfume is different depending on whether it is sprayed or applied onto the skin), the ambient temperature, or even becoming accustomed to it.

The spray system on my refillable star has broken. What should I do?

If after a certain number of refills, the spray system of your bottle becomes damaged, contact MUGLER Consumer Relations

My cap isn't working, what can you do?

Circle Clients can get a replacement cap if their bottle cap is faulty or damaged.

Contact MUGLER Consumer Relations using our contact form contact form

Is it the same perfume in the A*Men Metal and Rubber sprays?

It is indeed the same fragrance. By giving A*Men a new Rubber "armor", MUGLER simply wanted to provide a new sensual pleasure from the contact with this material.

My metal A*Men spray bottle is stained. What can I do?

Because the Metal A*Men spray is covered with zamac, it can become tarnished. We advise you to polish it with a household product designed for use on metals.

Why isn't the A*Men Rubber spray refillable?

Rubber is an unusual material, which MUGLER chose for its originality and its pleasure to the touch. However, this material is not suited to being refilled, because glass does not slide over gum. If the technology of modeling this material one day makes this possible, the A*Men Rubber spray will of course become refillable.

Why is A*Men called Angel*Men in some countries? Are they different perfumes?

In Canada, and some other countries, A*Men is indeed called Angel*Men, even though the fragrance is exactly the same. It is purely for legal reasons that the use of the name A*Men is not possible in these countries.

What is the Fountain?

The MUGLER Fountain allows customers to have their bottles refilled in store. The service is available for Angel Eau de Parfum and Alien Eau de Parfum with scents that are 100% true to the original. The refilling process provides the world with a new vision of luxury and service, while reinforcing MUGLER's commitment to environmental responsibility.

What is Angel? What are its scents? Where can I buy it?

The original MUGLER perfume, born in 1992 and still the most famous product in our range. This sweet fragrance is refillable at the ANGEL perfume Source. Fragrance notes: bergamot, tropical fruits, vanilla, caramel and patchouli. Buy it from a Mugler retailer. Visit our store locator to find your closest store

What is Alien? What are its scents? Where can I buy it?

It's a woody-floral-amber elixir contained in a jewel-like purple bottle. Its main ingredient is the rare and precious jasmin Sambac. Notes: Sambac jasmine, Cashmeran wood, amber gris. Buy it from a Mugler retailer. Visit our store locator to find your closest store

What is Aura MUGLER? What are its scents? Where can I buy it?

Aura MUGLER is an Eau de Parfum that blends floral freshness and feline sensuality. An addictive and generous fragrance pulsating around three hearts : instinctive, floral and animal heart. Buy it from a Mugler retailer. Visit our store locator to find your closest store.

What is Amen? What are its scents? Where can I buy it?

MUGLER’s first perfume for men is a fiery woody fragrance. An innovative, virile scent inspired by superheroes. Notes: peppermint, patchouli, coffee, cedar, leather notes. Buy it from a Mugler retailer. Visit our store locator to find your closest store

What is Alien Man? What are its scents? Where can I buy it?

Alien Man is a vibrant contrast between virile sensuality and electric freshness. The wake of a stylish masculinity. Notes: Smoked beech, Leather, Osmanthus. Buy it from a Mugler retailer. Visit our store locator to find your closest store

What is Angel Muse? What are its scents? Where can I buy it?

Angel Muse is a sophisticated, feminine fragrance contained in a beautiful "cosmic pebble" bottle. Fragrance notes: Grapefruit, Pink Peppercorn, Hazelnut Cream, Vetiver, Patchouli. Buy it from a Mugler retailer. Visit our store locator to find your closest store

What is Innocent? What are its scents? Where can I buy it?

A subtly fruity elixir with accents of citrus mixed with contrasting notes of praline and meringue. Fragrance notes: effervescent berries, black current jam, pralines, sugared almonds. Buy it from a Mugler retailer. Visit our store locator to find your closest store

What is Womanity? What are its scents? Where can I buy it?

The fragrance mixes fig fruits for sweetness, fig wood and leaves for woody elegance and the unexpected scent of caviar for a surprising savory dimension. Notes : fresh fig, oceanic accord, fig wood and leaves. Buy it from a Mugler retailer. Visit our store locator to find your closest store

What is MUGLER Cologne? What are the scents? Where can I buy them?

A super fresh perfume for men and women, fueled by citrus notes reminiscent of a traditional Eau de Cologne, and balanced by the sensual imprint of white musk. Notes : neroli, bergamot, white musk. Buy it from a Mugler retailer. Visit our store locator to find your closest store

What is Les Exceptions? What are its scents? Where can I buy it?

Les Exceptions reinterpret the greatest themes of traditional perfumery in a luxury range of nine addictive elixirs : Woodissime, Cuir Impertinent, Over the Musk, Supra Floral, Fougere Furieuse, Chyprissime and Oriental Express. You can purchase it in a MUGLER retailer. Visit our store locator to find one.
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Where can I buy MUGLER fashion clothes and accessories?

You can visit our store locator to find a store.
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Is my personal information secure?

The information you supply is strictly confidential. It will only be used internally by Mugler for deliveries or customer service. Your credit card details are SSL-encrypted and will never be stored online or accessed without your permission.

Where can I purchase MUGLER products?

Visit our store locator to find your closest store.


You need an account to create a wish list. To add any product(s) to your wish list, just click the "Add to wish list" icon in the relevant product page You will be brought to your wish list, where the item will be added. You can choose to configure a public or private wish list. You may share the list by e-mail with family and friends, or you can choose to keep it to yourself in your account.

How do I subscribe to the MUGLER newsletter?

You can subscribe to the MUGLER newsletter either by clicking on the "newsletter" link at the top of a website page or by entering your email address in the field in the newsletter zone at the bottom of our web pages. You can also subscribe while creating an account.

How can I unsubscribe from email newsletters?

You may choose whether or not you would like to receive emails from us. You may change your preferences with respect to email at any time by clicking the "unsubscribe" link at the bottom of every email you receive from us or by updating your personal data in the My Account section.

What quality controls are in place for MUGLER products?

The manufacturing of our perfumes is controlled by the quality criteria of the Haute Parfumerie Française. These are extremely strict controls of the raw materials, the fragrance itself, and the packaging.

How to tell you about my experience with a product?

You can send us your comments by contacting MUGLER Consumer Relations via email at


Please check our Privacy Policy.

Why my question isn’t listed?

If you still can’t find the answer to your question, you can email us for assistance using our store locator. All messages are read by live operators.
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My Account

How do I create an account?

Signing up is fast and easy. Simply click the register link in the Sign In/Register area, at the top right of the website, enter your personal details and click "Create an account". We also recommend you click on "create an account & join the Circle" to join our loyalty program and benefit from your product purchases. Being a member of the Circle also gives you access to exclusive content and privileges. Click here to create an account.


To register, click "Sign In/Register" on the top right of our website. Register at My Account for access to the following benefits:

  • Content: exclusive news about MUGLER curated just for you
  • Favorites: save a wish list of your favorite products for easy access

We recommend you to click on "create an account & join the Circle". You will then be a member of the Circle loyalty program, eligible for:

  • Special content curated just for members
  • Surprises and special benefits as a reward for your declared purchases
Discover the Circle

All of the information you supply is strictly confidential. It will only be used by MUGLER to make a delivery or to improve our service to you. It will never be shared or sold.

I forgot my password

You can request a new password at the "Sign In" section of the website. Click on the "forgotten password" link, enter your email address and confirm your request. Your new password will be emailed to you. Click here if you forgot your password.

How do I change my password?

You can change your password within the "My Account" area in "My Profile". Just click on "Change my password", enter your current password and your new one, and click on "Save changes".

How can I update my profile?

You can change your personal data within the "My Account" area in the "My profile" section. Click Click here to update your profile.
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My Circle / Loyalty Scheme


The Circle is the MUGLER rewards program. Since Angel was first created and launched in 1992, The Circle has fostered privileged relationships with the brand's loyal customers.



As a member, you will enter a world of privileges.

  • Joining the Circle gives you access to exclusive content and previews, the right to enter sweepstakes and much more.
  • Purchase declarations could be converted into surprises and special benefits such as gifts, invitation to private events or sales, special offers and vouchers available at MUGLER’s retailers depending on the Circle member’s country of residence. These privileges may be allocated throughout the year depending on the number of purchases registered by members and their country of residence. Don’t forget to provide us with your Birthday and your postal address to be fully rewarded!

These are just a few of the many ways the Circle will reward you for being one of our loyal MUGLER fans. Want to learn more? Discover the Circle.



You can become a member today by creating your online account and joining the Circle – don’t forget to subscribe to our newsletter to be the first to hear about new MUGLER products, offers, announcements and more.


A Unique Code is an 11-character code (e.g NHTSX9HZ9JC) printed on the inside flap of your MUGLER product box. Registering Unique Codes allows our Circle members to receive surprises throughout the year.


You can register your Unique Codes directly through the MUGLER website. It's fast and easy: once you’ve created your account and joined the Circle, simply go to Register my Unique Code. You can also declare your Unique Code by mailing us the card provided in each product package. Simply fill out the required information and mail it to Customer Service to be processed. Once we’ve received your card and registered your purchase, we will send you an email to inform you that your purchase has been registered. You can also consult your registrations history, simply go to "My codes and receipts history" section on your online Profile.


Make sure you enter your Unique Code in capital letters with no spaces. Make sure you do not mistake a 5 (five) for an S, a 2 (two) for a Z, or a 0 (zero) for a D. If the problem persists, feel free to call us using our contact form. We’ll be happy to help.


Addict box, travel size products and the samples bar do not have Unique Codes: you will not be rewarded when you purchase these items. All other MUGLER products should have a Unique Code. If you can’t locate the Unique Code on your product, feel free to call us using our contact form. We’ll be happy to help.


Are you sure your product comes from a certified retailer? Feel free to call us using our contact form.

I received a surprise available at retailers. How can I use it?

You have been rewarded for your loyalty and received by email an exclusive discount code available at one or several of our retailer(s). Please do take care to the Terms & Conditions written down on your email and follow the instructions.


When refilling your fragrance at The Fountain, you won’t receive a Unique Code. In that case, just upload a JPG or PNG photograph of your receipt.Once we’ve received your receipt and validated your purchase, you will receive an email informing you that your receipt has been received and processed. You can also consult your registrations history on your online account, simply go to My codes and receipts History on your online account.

I made a purchase before joining the Circle. How can I declare a unique code on this purchase?

You must have an account to declare unique codes. If you have purchased a product and aren't a member of the Circle yet, simply create an account on and join the Circle, then declare your product's unique code or refill receipt. Don't forget to provide your email address, as it's mandatory in order to join the Circle.


Sorry, it’s not possible to return rewards.


The Circle Price is an exclusive member discount on It is cumulable with other discounts, and reserved for our Circle clients.

To benefit from the Circle price, you must have:
- Created an account and joined the Circle
- Declared a Unique Code or a Refill Receipt.


INSIDE THE CIRCLE MAG is an exclusive magazine designed and accessible only to Circle’s members. You will find news about the Brand, the Events and the Circle.

WHow can I access to my private data shared with Mugler?

The private data policy now operates under the GDPR legislation (General Data Privacy Registration) since 25th May 2018. More information about our policy can be found on our website or click here

Alternatively, please feel free to contact us using our contact form. We're happy to help.


Fll free to contact us using our contact form. We're happy to help.
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