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The art of putting on a show

Monsieur Mugler is a showman. In his shows and campaigns, his exceptional flair for performance does not go unnoticed. This is why in 2003, he leaves fashion behind for the stage. As a director, he collaborates with Cirque du Soleil and Beyoncé, just to name a few. He then brings life to his own fantasies and obsessions with Les Mugler Follies in Paris and The Wyld in Berlin. More than ever, he puts the extraordinary on display—his own extraordinary.

"As a child, it was really difficult for me to live in the world I was forced to and I dreamed of creating another one worthy of me, a world of my own..."


Animal Woman

Archi Woman

The architecture of the body

Monsieur Mugler has a keen interest in architecture. His anatomical view of the body, inherited from his background as a dancer, is a testament to this: he exaggerates the waist, frames the shoulders, and lengthens the silhouette.

In his cult-classic campaigns, his eye for photography immortalizes his love for the gigantesque in architecture: The Paris Opera, former Soviet buildings, the Chrysler Building... The infinitely large and infinitely small come together in a skillful interplay of contrasts.

"I develop my clothes through construction and spatial geometry."


Celebrating women

Monsieur Mugler wanted to create something especially for women. He wanted to give them back everything that they gave to him and inspired him to do. Strong women, femmes fatales, fabulous working women, devilish seductresses... With his rich and personal vocabulary, Monsieur Mugler has tapped into all the nuances of femininity. Today, the MUGLER brand is committed to pursuing this mission and creating products and services that are for the good of women.

Pause Woman

Pause Woman

Celebrating women

To give them confidence and be by their side day by day. A fragrance that slips in their bag, that they can spritz on at any moment, like their own armor... A blazer to attend an interview or to go on a romantic date. A beautiful gown for a special occasion. More than ever, MUGLER is defending its vision of a diverse, multi-faceted woman inherited from its creator.

"There’s a goddess in every woman that I take joy in revealing."



The MUGLER wonderland

With humor and imagination, Monsieur Mugler has invented a free and mischievous world – both enchanted and enchanting – where the most extravagant creatures come together. Science fiction, pop culture, myths, legends, the animal world, comics, glamor, and a variety of other things still form the exuberant syncretism of MUGLER’s unique vocabulary.

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