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A*Men Ultimate, the incredible incarnation of a modern superhero.

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A-men perfume

A*Men Ultimate,
the extraordinary incarnation of the contemporary superhero

Discover a magnetic and vibrant fragrance for a seductive and modern masculinity.

The A*Men Ultimate bottle is dressed with a new turquoise cape. This Eau de Toilette belongs to the woody fresh gourmand family and is composed of two dimensions. The vibrant dimension is created by green bergamot and cedar. The addictive dimension is a comforting mix of mochaccino and fir-balsam.

Amen perfume
Thierry Mugler Amen perfume

Awaken the hero in you

MUGLER’s first-ever male perfume, A*Men, is designed to bring out the adventurous, confident, sensitive, invincible man of your desires. A true trouble maker in the world of masculine fragrances and the first oriental gourmand fragrance for men. An innovative virile scent, inspired by superheroes, A*Men celebrates inner strength and determination for the men who insist that nothing stand in their way.

Smooth sparkling metal and black rubber that are sensual to the touch,
A*Men bottle designs invoke traveling flasks and allows for an energetic and virile grip.

A*Men perfume
A*Men perfume


A*Men’s elixir is contained in an engraved bottle, inspired by a gentleman’s pocket flask, adorned with a star to reveal the hero and inner strength within. An exquisite bottle dresses up: Zamak (zinc, aluminum, magnesium, and copper), which provides brilliance and is highly resistant; and rubber, whose lightness makes it the perfect travel companion.

The simplicity of a recyclable fine glass bottle allows you to easily refill your perfume to give it new life.


The A*Men bottle can be refilled in a flash.
A responsible ritual that allows you to endlessly give new life to your favorite fragrance.
Practical, eco-friendly, and always chic.

Amen perfume



To complete the scenting ritual: we find the vibrating notes that ring with the A*Men fragrance’s taste of victory in a bracing stick deodorant, the A*Men man’s daily companion.

A*Men is the MUGLER fragrance for the distinctly daring, the hero. This first foray into men's perfumes offers a fragrance that is sensual and uncompromising, contrasting and balanced like the superhero that lurks in all men. The woody masculine notes of patchouli and Bourbon vanilla are overdosed with notes of toasted Arabica coffee beans. A*Men perfume is available in a range of limited editions each drawing from traditional masculine scents: A*Men Pure Havane, A*Men Pure Tonka, A*Men Pure Malt, A*Men Kryptomint. The ergonomically designed A*Men Metal Flask is reminiscent of a gentleman's pocket flask and refillable at the Fountain with the A*Men refillable bottle.