the art of faceting dreams.

The real world just isn't enough.

Shine under the MUGLER star and be inspired to become whoever you want to be. MUGLER shapes dreams. MUGLER's creative vision reflects its unique view on the world, which subverts codes and challenges norms.

We're addictive.

MUGLER Fashion and Fragrances, particularly the Angel, Alien and Aura MUGLER perfumes amongst others, are notoriously addictive, these unclassifiable creations harness the most extraordinary forces.

We dedicate our lives to connecting men and women with their emotions, to provide them addictive stories. We develop authentic relationships with our clients by offering personalized services and unique experiences. We're limitless and uncompromising in our creation. In both Fashion and Fragrances, Mugler shakes things up, inspires.

Sandrine Groslier, President of MUGLER Fashion and Fragrances.

Casey Cadwallader

A creative force

Much more than simply creations, MUGLER produces works of art, from Fashion to Fragrance, that are accessible to everyone.

MUGLER defies the laws of space and time through its sculptural and versatile works. A powerful act of creation with vast possibilities. A fusion of opposites, the MUGLER universe is an experimental laboratory. Inspired by imagination and curated by culture, we cultivate an avant-garde approach.
The constant search for innovation combines both old and new technologies, with the belief that traditional expertise can be transcended into contemporary creations. Alternative cultures, art, and humor serve to turn away from existing codes, with the goal of democratizing fashion and fragrance and making them a platform for individuality and personal fulfillment.

My goal is to create a new culture around MUGLER ... I want MUGLER to be for many different types of women, of all ages, sizes, colours and for any moment of the day.

Casey Cadwallader, Creative Director of MUGLER Fashion.


The freedom to express yourself.

It's your story to tell. MUGLER takes you on a personal journey, giving you the power to transcend, to become your truest self...
MUGLER's Fashion and Fragrances disrupt and inspire, achieving the extraordinary in excess.

Today, women dress for themselves as it's empowering. What you wear can transform you, make you walk in a different way, give you confidence.

Casey Cadwallader, Creative Director of MUGLER Fashion.



isn't simply celestial, it's an invitation to infinity.This sky blue color is one of the major elements of Monsieur Mugler's universe, it symbolizes freedom, dreams, escape... The MUGLER blue color encapsulates the sky's infinite, untouchable cosmic immensity and the idea of eternity.

A celestial, dreamlike symbol, blue is the color of the imaginary, impalpable, and unpredictable. It evokes the strange beauty of the universe. Blue embodies the dreams and the absolute that MUGLER wishes to offer women. From Ready-to-wear runways to the Angel perfume, the MUGLER blue is an icon in its own right.

The star

The sign of a miraculous, but very real, destiny.

The MUGLER star, with its five elongated and asymmetric branches, has become a timeless and universally recognized symbol. It is the perfect representation of the brand’s celestial and grandiose universe. It has made a name for itself as the emblem of the MUGLER universe, representing success, fate and the future.

Ethereal yet tangible, it is the incarnation of dreams in real life, of a world within everyone’s reach. The star has been present in the brand's universe since the very beginning, appearing in Couture long before it made its mark in perfume. It shall be the signature of all MUGLER creations: in fashion, accessories, fragrance and jewellery. The star is the symbol of a MUGLER creation.

The star symbol represents the prism of all possibilities… it serves as a guide, a landmark in the life of every woman who manages to catch it…

Christophe de Lataillade, Creative Director MUGLER Fragrances.


The Silhouette

The female form emits an irresistible force, it's the incarnation and inspiration of MUGLER's artistic expression.

Head held high, oversized shoulders, narrow waist: MUGLER celebrates the feminine figure, and a MUGLER silhouette is immediately recognizable.
MUGLER Fashion and Fragrances' architectural spirit and intense sensuality transform the body, capturing and intensifying its captivating magnetism.

Our challenge is keeping our ready-to-wear collections anchored in reality while still preserving the brand's spectacular spirit. My mission? To create the contemporary image of the MUGLER woman.

Casey Cadwallader, Creative Director of MUGLER Fashion.