The Terms of Use apply to contractual relations between the AZZARO MUGLER Beauté and Users of the #MUGLER Gallery.

The #MUGLER Gallery is available on inter.mugler.com. It contains a collection of photographs posted by Users that feature MUGLER brand products.

Article 1. Posting and selecting photos

Photos that Users post to a public Instagram account with ‘#MUGLER’ may be selected to be shown in the #MUGLER Gallery.

Users can also register on inter.mugler.com to directly submit photos to the #MUGLER Gallery.

AZZARO MUGLER Beauté chooses photos that depict the best image and spirit of the MUGLER brand. Users whose photos are selected will receive a comment from the official MUGLER Instagram page, @muglerofficial, asking them to authorise and accept these Terms of Use by replying with the hashtag #YesMugler.

Article 2. Third-party rights

Users must obtain prior authorisation from a legal guardian for any photos that are posted by a minor or that depict a minor.

Users agree not to upload or post photos with captions or comments that:

  • exceed the limits of public conduct, decency or laws in force
  • are likely to infringe upon third-party rights, namely intellectual property rights, copyrights or, more broadly, that constitute an invasion of privacy.

As such, the User ensures AZZARO MUGLER Beauté that:

  • the photo is not a forgery and does not infringe upon any third-party rights
  • nothing hinders AZZARO MUGLER Beauté from using the photo as it sees fit

The User releases AZZARO MUGLER Beauté from any claims or legal actions that could arise on any basis whatsoever upon exercising the rights consented to herein, anyone who directly or indirectly assisted in creating the photo and anyone who may lay claim to any rights occasioned by use of the photos, even if they had no hand in creating it.

Article 3. Transfer of intellectual property rights

By replying #YesMugler or uploading photos directly to the #MUGLER Gallery, the User grants AZZARO MUGLER Beauté the right to use and to feature them as defined hereafter:

  • the unrestricted right to reproduce the photos or have them reproduced in their entirety or partially by any means or process and on any media or materials both current and future, known and unknown, particularly on social networks, e-newsletters, its e-commerce website and the e-commerce websites of its approved distributors
  • the right to display the photos or have them displayed by any means of circulation or communications current or future, known or unknown, particularly on any electronic communications network
  • the right to wholly or partially adapt, modify, transform or translate the photos and have them updated, to wholly or partially incorporate them with or in current or future works, and to do so on any media
  • the right to use or feature the photos in any manner for the purposes of its own activities or those of third parties in any way whatsoever, specifically for digital marketing purposes
  • the right to transfer or grant all or part of the rights consented to a third party, namely an approved distributor.

This authorisation is granted on a non-exclusive basis at no charge for the whole world and for the entire duration of the copyright protection period.

Article 4. Personal data

The data collected for the purpose of using the #MUGLER Gallery shall be digitally processed for the AZZARO MUGLER Beauté 14, Rue Royale, 75008 Paris. They shall be sent to Olapic Inc., 20 Vesey Street, 4th Floor, New York, NY, 10281, USA and kept for the period required by the aforementioned purpose. Appropriate contractual guarantees have been taken to ensure an adequate level of personal data protection.

Pursuant to the regulations, Users have a right to view, rectify, delete, and transfer their personal information, as well as a right to oppose and restrict processing. They may claim these rights by contacting Customer Service. Click here to obtain more information in our privacy policy.