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the house of mugler

the freedom to express yourself

the house of mugler was created by manfred thierry mugler in 1974.

a visionary and multi-disciplinary artist who came across fashion, tailoring, fragrance-making, sketching, photography,
film direction, or stage direction; the late designer left the house with an iconic name, trend-blazing scents, such as angel or alien,

avant-garde archives, and unmistakable silhouettes.

a story of perfumes & fashion

Mugler. Where the limit is... no limit

welcome to mugler

a portail to a universe where anything is possible, a place out of this world where luxury means excess, no limit, extraordinary.

mugler fragrances are sensual, out-sized and insolently audacious. hyper-characterized, hyper-sensual,

and hyper-inventive, our perfumes combine alchemy, harmony, and overdose.

mugler fashion stands out from the crowd with its instantly recognizable shape and irresistible power.

between neo-couture and sportswear 3.0, mugler fashion empowers every kind of woman, every body shape, and every age.

the real world is not enough

« mugler is a brand with no boundaries, that refuses compromise
and consensus. a fashion and fragrances brand from today, built on
a bold & unconventional legacy, 
that helps us reinvent ourselves

constantly. »​

danièle lahana-aidenbaum​
global brand president mugler fashion & fragrance

the feminine force

“Femininity means everything now. it’s a spectrum in
which women choose the way they present to express
what they are here to do on the planet”​

Casey Cadwallader
Creative Director, mode Mugler fashion

the scent of extraordinary

refill more, save more

Mugler bottles are pieces of art to cherish. ​
Thanks to the mugler fountain and refill bottles, you can refill your
gem anywhere and anytime, acting for a more sustainable luxury.

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